Chinese Pastry with Red Bean Filling

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Legend has it that the Jade Rabbit was selfless and offered himself as food for the reincarnated immortals. Touched by this gesture, the jade rabbit was sent to the moon, where she accompanies Chang’e in the moon palace. Learn to make these cute Rabbit chinese pastry while learning more about this legend.

1.5 h, suitable for 3 – 12 years old. Children below 6 years old should be accompanied by an adult. 1 accompanying adult is allowed.

Bring Home:

4 jade rabbit pastries

Date & Time Available:

19th July ~ 10.30 a.m. / 3.00 p.m.

Skills Covered:
  • Learn to mix a pastry dough
  • Learn to wrap filling in a dough
  • Decorate the pastry to look like rabbit features
Note: Children attending our classes should already be three years old and above at time of registration. This is to ensure more effective learning through our age-appropriate activities.
Please book at least 1 day in advance to allow sufficient time to prep for ingredients and resources

19th July (Fri)

Age Group

3-6 years old, 7-9 years old, 10-12 years old


3.00 p.m.


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