About Us

a bake+cook enrichment program, set up to teach values and life skills to children between 3 to 12 years old through engaging activities and stories

Little Cookhouse is a bake+cook enrichment program, set up to teach values and life skills to children between 3 to 12 years old through engaging activities and stories. Our program is designed based on the Montessori education method, with hands-on and collaborative learning, planned according to age groups, with age-appropriate activities and tools incorporated into each lesson. Our lesson last between 1.5 to 2 hours, with a teacher-student ratio of 1:8.
The colors in our logo represent our values and commitment to providing an exciting and fun learning environment, through engaging content, while allowing the child to be bold and creative throughout the process.

Vision: Every child who attended our program will return home, confident and happy, sharing their experiences with parents and peers
Mission: Equipping every child with life skills and the right values
Lifeskills: Cooking, Measuring, Mathematics, Science, Literacy and Fine Motor Skills etc 
Values: Sharing, Teamwork and Creativity

How are we different?​

VERY! Because we really care about the process more than the outcome. The child’s final product may or may not taste as great or look as good as what it should be, but that’s because this is all done by the child – the effort, the creativity, listening to instructions etc – it is the process that allows the child to learn about life skills and values.

Distinct Age Groups

Participants are grouped by age groups of 3-6, 7-9 and above 10 years old to cater for age-appropriate activities

Age Appropriate Tools

The use of age-appropriate tools will help the child in gaining mastery

Age Appropriate Activities

Age-appropriate activities helps to hold the child’s attention, enhancing learning absorption

Focus on Skills & Values

Focus on teaching skills and values where the process is more important than the outcome

Small Class Size

With a maximum of 1 instructor to 8 participants, the increased engagement level will lead to more effective participation and learnings

No dull moments

 Each 1-1.5hrs session is fun-packed with multiple hands-on tasks, stories and activities such that there is never a dull moment

We incorporated age-appropriate activities, delivered via cooking/baking. Each class will expose the participant to cultures, objects and surroundings, with a strong emphasis on life skills and values. We have developed the TEAM pedagogy in our lessons.
Tuning-in – Introduction and warm-up activity
Explore – Lesson, equipment, outcomes, techniques, safety rules
Action – Follow and do along by the child
Mastery – Reinforcement of learnings

Join in our classes to experience it all!

Create, Learn and Grow together with us