LITTLE COOKHOUSE will be operating permanently from our home studio and at partner venues from 1st July 2020 onwards. If any of our classes are sold out (as we only take in 6 participants at any time), you can arrange a private baking session with a minimum of 3 kids.
You can also have baking fun at the comfort of your home via our take home BAKING KITS FOR KIDS.

We are a kids baking studio, with a Montessori based bake+cook enrichment program, set up to teach values and life skills to children between 3 to 12 years old through engaging activities and stories. We believed in hands-on and collaborative learning in our kids baking classes and kids cooking classes, with lessons planned according to age groups, with age-appropriate activities and tools incorporated.




What parents say

    5 star review  Thank you Jean for the fun and enriching baking class! Adri definitely enjoys the baking, story telling & games! Hope to join another session soon!

    Noraz Lina Avatar Noraz Lina
    April 11, 2016

    positive review  Little Cookhouse hosted our daughter’s 5th birthday (15 children & their parents). We were pleasantly surprised everything was according to theme, which we were not expecting at all. Most importantly, Yock Song & Jean helped us with eggless recipes so that all our guests could enjoy. The celebration was a blast (children were thoroughly engaged during the 2.5hr session) & we highly recommend this place to anyone looking for an activity-based celebration. We will come back again for their classes – Yock Song & Jean have inspired the love for cooking and baking in our children with their passion. Thank you Yock Song & Jean!

    Angelina Ang Samant Avatar Angelina Ang Samant
    July 14, 2019

    5 star review  The activities were thoughtfully chosen to coincide with the theme of Easter that is coming up. The theme gives the children the context during their whole experience. This is a perfect platform for kids to learn a life-skill, concepts of measurement, listening and motor skills. Great for parents like me who are not experts at cooking, as my child can still benefit from this learning opportunity.

    Marilyn Teo Avatar Marilyn Teo
    March 19, 2016

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