We are a kids baking studio, with a Montessori based bake+cook enrichment program, set up to teach values and life skills to children between 3 to 12 years old through engaging activities and stories. We believed in hands-on and collaborative learning, with lessons planned according to age groups, with age-appropriate activities and tools incorporated.

What parents say

    5 star review  Both Jean and Yock Song are very engaging and great with the kids! The activities are also well prepared and presented. The kids not only learn about baking or cooking, but also other educational things like arts and crafts. My 4 year old child enjoyed the session very much and wants to come back for more �

    thumb Melissa Ng

    5 star review  My girl enjoyed the session. Lesson was carefully planned and suited the age grp class. Will join again if can!

    thumb Jenny Chew

    positive review  A very innovative way of education. The teacher is well prepared with a coherent teaching concept. A small reading before baking, then hands-on practice. Kids are occupied during 1.5 hours. I’ve been living in Australia for a while and hoping that I can find a similar teaching concept in Singapore. The little cookhouse is able to beautifully delivered the concept. My girl had travelled the world, and tried other places but she totally enjoyed the activity here. She was the first to arrive, the last to leave, and saying she wants to come back.

    thumb Ha Hoang

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