Farm to Table Junior Cookout

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Let us head back to nature this year-end holiday and start exploring an urban farm in the city!!

Learn about nature, science and get your hands dirty in farm-work and learn to make delicious food from scratch with fresh ingredients harvested from the farm.

In this 4 hours session, children will get to experience being a junior farmer through taking part in hands-on activities like sowing, planting, harvesting and gaining knowledge in creating the ideal environment for plant growth.

Also, children will enjoy a farm-to-table experience by cooking up a 2-course meal using the herbs harvested from the farm!


– Explore the farm and learn basic knowledge of farming 
– Learning about compost and how it can be turn into ‘gold’
– Discover what’s growing in our farmers’ allotment greenhouses
– Sow a plot of land and plant your own seedlings. Learn tilling, fertilising, seeding, watering and plant care
– Learn the difference between beneficial insects and harmful pests in the farm
– Harvest the specific plants and herbs for cooking
– Bring home your own planter by learning about stem transplanting


– Mix a pasta dough from scratch
– Cut pasta dough using pasta machine
– Make a pesto sauce using freshly harvested herbs
– Marinate and cook chicken
– Prepare a cool and refreshing ice tea using harvested blue pea flowers

Western Lunch Menu
Main Course aka lunch: Chicken Pesto Ribbon Pasta*

Dessert: Blue Pea Flower Ice Tea

 Bring home:

  • Wealth of farming knowledge
  • Planter containing stem transplanting
  • 1 portion of Chicken Pesto Ribbon Pasta
  • 1 cup of Blue Pea Flower Ice Tea

Date & Time Available:  30th Nov 2020 (Monday) ~ 8.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. (SOLD OUT)


– Learn to handle and prepare raw chicken
 – Cook chicken using harvested basil
Prepare a cool and refreshing cooler drink using harvested lemongrass

Asian Lunch Menu
Main Course aka lunch: Thai Basil Chicken Rice

Dessert: Lemongrass Cooler


Bring home:

  • Wealth of farming knowledge
  • Planter containing stem transplanting
  • 1 portion of Thai Basil Chicken Rice
  • 1 cup of Lemongrass Cooler Drink

Date & Time Available:  14th Dec 2020 (Monday) ~ 8.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Price: $120
Session Venue: Sprout Hub, 102 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159562
Things to bring: 

  • 1 x 500ml plastic bottle (to use for planter)
  • Vegan food waste (optional, only if you will like to contribute to composting plot)
  • 1 x medium size container (to takeaway cooked food)
  • 1 x air-tight mug (to takeaway prepared drinks)

The drop-off day camp program is suitable for 5 years old (as of Year 2020) and above to participate. Each session is limited to a maximum of 10 participants per session. There will be at least 2 instructors present at any point of time throughout the session

Things to Note
*Pesto contains pine nuts and not suitable for participants with relevant allergies

**Parents need not accompany the child nor wait at the farm as this is a drop-off camp.

About City Sprouts
Founded in 2018, City Sprouts is a social enterprise, whose core mission is to rejuvenate urban communities and create social impact through urban agriculture.  City Sprouts recently redeveloped the former Henderson Secondary School into a space that revolves around subsistent farming in the city, food and community empowerment.

Minimum 2 days advance booking required for the session due to the need for preparation of ingredients and resources. For last minute bookings, please contact 81280129 before placing your order.


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