5 must-have cooking skills for kids

What do you think are the most important cooking skills for kids? Below are 5 which we think are important. Do share your thoughts on this!


Cooking Skill #1: Cooking Eggs

We all love eggs, and it’s one of the easiest things to prepare. We would consider knowing how to cook eggs to be the most important cooking skill of all. Eating eggs the same way all the time can get very boring, and teaching children the many ways to prepare eggs can be a fun thing. Do you know there are 6 ways of cooking eggs – Baked, Boiled, Poached, Fried, Scrambled and Omelettes.

Cooking Skill #2: Making a Broth/Soup

It is very important for children to learn how to make homemade stock or bone broth in order to stay away from store bought soups, canned broth or stock (including bouillon cubes) when they are on their own. Such soups are never healthy options even when organic as they are highly processed and very low in nutrition, typically loaded with neurotoxic MSG and other additives.

Nothing beats a home-made chicken soup, or an apple-pear soup. Soup are really easy to prepare, by simply using simple ingredients like bones, ribs, onions, carrots, a hearty broth/soup will be ready in an hour.

Cooking Skill #3: Roasting a Chicken

Roasting a chicken is really easy and a key skill for adolescents to learn as it will not only encourage them to seek quality fresh chicken, but it will also provide them a ready supply of chicken bones for making homemade bone broth and nourishing soups.

Roasting a whole chicken as opposed to buying individual parts is also much more budget friendly with plenty of leftovers provided from that single cooking event.  Saving time is very important for many young people!

Cooking Skill #4: Steaming

Steaming retains essential vitamins in vegetables, and also retains flavour in food as opposed to boiling. A steam fresh fish, topped with simple garnishes and dash of soya sauce will bring out all the natural flavours of the food. Plus, there’s no need for complicated equipment, but just a wide enough pot/pan for a plate to fit in. Oh, and not forgetting, just 10-15 minutes is all it takes to get your steaming hot food ready.

Cooking Skill #5: Pan-frying a fish/steak

Eating steaks outside can be expensive. Knowing how to pan-fry fish and steak is a great skill to have, as you can select your preferred cut from the butcher, prepare your own seasoning and sauce, all without breaking your piggy bank.