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Join us on a Doraemon adventure as we learn to make a healthy and fun bento meal and Doraemon’s favourite Dorayaki sweets!

Learn how to transform an ordinary rice ball into a cute doraemon character and use colourful ingredients to create a balanced meal. Unleash children’s creativity and learn new skills!

For dessert, we will make the most well known and popular Japanese sweets – Dorayaki. It is traditionally made of two small round pancakes, sandwiched together by a red bean paste, anko. It can also be filled with chestnut, matcha cream or sakura.

Doraemon Day Morning Session
Main Course aka lunch: Doraemon Bento Box

Dessert: Chocolate Cream Dorayaki Sweets

Skills Covered:

  • Learn simple cutting skills
  • Learn simple way to colour rice naturally
  • Shape rice ball into cute doraemon onigiri
  • Learn to make a simple side dish to accompany onigiri
  • Assemble a colourful and well-balanced bento meal
  • Learn to make pancake batter from scratch & cook pancake
  • Learn to assemble pancake with red bean paste, whipped cream and fruit

 Bring home:

  • 1 x Doraemon Bento
  • 2 x Dorayaki
  • Recipe

Date & Time Available: 20th July 2020 (Mon) ~ 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Price: $79

Session Venue: 87 Dawson Road (home base studio)

Terms & Conditions: 

Note: The drop-off day camp program is suitable for 5 years old (as of Year 2020) and above to participate. Each session is limited to a maximum of 5 participants

Minimum 1 day advance booking required for the session due to the need for preparation of ingredients and resources. For last minute bookings, please contact 81280129 before placing your order.


20 July 2020 (Mon) 0930-1230pm


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